Conception Arts at xFinity Live! Show


I had a fantastic time at the Conception Arts show hosted at xFinity Live! last night . A great event run without a hitch, and every artist there was fantastic. I also got to unveil my newly completed project, “coral“, for the first time.

Being my first public showing, it was a bit overwhelming in the beginning. The fear begins to creep in your head pointing out “you are actually going to display this stuff for strangers to see?”. That is when doubt begins to rise. But once the music started, and many friends began to show up to support, it turned into a fun time had by all. Every artist there was incredible, and there was tons of inspiration to be taken away. a special shout out to Renee and Rachel, who did a fantastic job with Conception Arts.

I want to thank every single one of my family and friends who came last night to show support. The feeling was amazing, and I feel so undeserving and lucky to have the people behind me that I do.

This is only the beginning of the goals I want to achieve in the art world, but getting my feet wet was the very first step. Here is looking toward the future. Cheers.

conception show display

My display at Conception Arts Philadelphia show

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